How to Find an Office for Your Start-Up

  • 1st June 2021

If you are looking for the first office for your business start-up, there is a lot that needs to be considered. After all, you need to choose a setting that is going to brand your business well and enable your workforce to thrive. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the […]


How to Choose the Right Office Space

  • 30th April 2021

Choosing an office space is something that should be considered with a great amount of care and consideration. After all, this can have a huge impact on the productiveness of your staff and the branding of your business. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the main elements you need to […]


The Benefits of Working Within a Business Park

  • 19th March 2021

If you are looking for new business premises, either as a new business or an already established one looking to relocate, then you may be considering a workspace in a business park. There are a number of benefits to be had from working within a business park that you may want to take into consideration […]


Tips on How to Return to Work Safely

The return of all children to school in the UK is the first step in the government’s plans to ease lockdown in what they are terming an irreversible roadmap to returning the country to normality. With non-essential shops and the hospitality industry set to follow at a later date, providing the numbers continue to do […]


Benefits of Renting Commercial Property

  • 25th February 2021

If you are looking for business property then you will find yourself facing that age old question; do you buy or would it be better to rent? Buying your business property can represent a significant commitment that could tie up a considerable amount of your money. There are, however, several reasons why you should consider […]


Finding the Right Office Space in Derby

  • 16th February 2021

Looking for the right office space can always be a tricky decision. There are so many things that you will need to factor into your decision, for example how easy is it for your staff, clients and even suppliers to get to? Will you be able to configure the space to suit the needs of […]


How Technology Has Changed Offices and the Way We Work

  • 6th January 2021

In recent years, the modern office has changed significantly. Improvements in technology, faster broadband speeds and even people’s approach to the working week have all combined to have huge impact on the way in which we work. This has meant that offices have also changed, and businesses have had to adapt to meet the demands […]


The Benefits of Renting a Dedicated Laboratory Space

For some businesses, there is a need to run a dedicated laboratory space alongside a dedicated office space in order for the business to function as efficiently as possible. Having production facilities on the same site as the offices can be vital if you want to keep communication between the different departments of the company […]