3 Reasons Working in Derby is a Great Idea

3 Reasons Working in Derby is a Great Idea

  • 29th June 2021

Whether you are considering relocating a company or are looking to set up a brand new enterprise, there are a number of considerations you will want on your must-haves list. Having the right facilities is important, but location, access, security and your surroundings may also factor into your decision.

Here are just three reasons why you might find working in Derby is a great idea.

Location, location, location

If you are not quite certain where Derby is then a quick look at a map should be enough to show you what a great location it could be for any business. It is surprisingly central as locations go, with London and Birmingham located to the south and the northern cities of Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Liverpool all relatively close by as well. Whilst Derby is not as big as any of these major cities, its location has one distinct advantage and that is the ease with which you can get to it from these other places.

Transport links

Derby is served by some fantastic transport links with its own mainline train station. It also sits close to junction 25 of the M1, making it a very convenient location to get to by road. This is not only great news in terms of ease of access for your employees, but also any clients who may need to visit your company. It could also be useful if you receive regular deliveries to your premises.


Whilst Derby itself is a thriving town, RTC Business Park is located just outside the centre and sits in just over 28 acres of stunning landscaped grounds. This location also benefits from transport links to the town, but more importantly has plenty of space for employees to park. The natural surroundings make this an incredibly tranquil and pleasant place to work away from the hustle of the inner city. The air is fresher and there are plenty of outside places for employees to take their breaks and revitalise themselves during the working day.

If you are considering moving your company to a new location or are looking for premises to start your new company, then why not get in touch with RTC and see what we can offer you and your employees with regard to fantastic facilities on our modern business park?