How to Improve Office Working Life

How to Improve Office Working Life

  • 31st August 2021

If the events of the last 18 months have taught us anything it is that working life can change and, in fact, we can be more adaptable than we ever realised. If employers want to keep their employees happy then they need to make sure that the working environment they offer is a positive one. Doing so could mean that their employees not only want to come back into the office but also enjoy being there.

Good transport links

When much of the last 18 months has been spent working at home, employees have got used to the extra time that they have gained by not needing to commute to the office every day. This extra time is something they may be reluctant to give up. With this in mind ensuring that your office space is accessible is a must. A central location like RTC Business Park in Derby, which is located right in the very middle of the country and is served by major motorway links as well as railways is a great choice as it will be easily accessible to employees. It also allows those who don’t want to sit in traffic in their car for a longer time to use the train which can be a less stressful option.

Accessible amenities

When you select a business park as the base for your company it is important to ensure that it has the amenities to cater to your staff. With many business parks located on the outskirts of towns it is not always easy for your employees to simply pop out to grab some lunch. Ensuring that your employees have access to a well-stocked canteen on site is really important. Studies have shown that when employees take proper breaks and eat a balanced meal, they have more concentration to help them get through the working day. If your employees only have access to vending machines on site with chocolate bars and crisps then they are less likely to be able to perform well during the afternoon, the initial burst of energy they will gain will quickly lead to a slump in energy.


Employees also want to feel secure in the workplace, and with more employers looking at offering more flexible working hours this can mean starting work earlier or finishing a little later. Onsite security can help employees to feel more secure if they choose to adopt a more flexible working day.

If you’re interested in how RTC could help you provide a workplace your employees are happy to work in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be delighted to help you find the right place for your workforce.