The Benefits of Working Within a Business Park

The Benefits of Working Within a Business Park

  • 19th March 2021

If you are looking for new business premises, either as a new business or an already established one looking to relocate, then you may be considering a workspace in a business park. There are a number of benefits to be had from working within a business park that you may want to take into consideration when making your decision. 


Obviously, location, and transport links, are likely to be a very important factor in your decision and the RTC Business Park is very well placed in this respect. Close to the city centre and also the rail station, the park is also only nine miles away from the M1 and benefits from good road connections in all directions. 


In a good business park, in particular one that has a significant amount of commercial and office space the right facilities are incredibly important. Whilst good links to public transport can be very important it is likely that many of your employees will arrive by car making ample parking facilities a must. With the increase of the more flexible working day, it is also important to ensure that your employees are safe at all times, particularly when they are leaving work later in the evening. 24-hour security does not only offer you peace of mind that your office and equipment will be protected but that your employees will be as well. 

It is always nice to be able to offer your employees the convenience of an onsite canteen, which can be especially useful if they are in a hurry, the weather is inclement or if the city centre is a little far for grabbing a quick lunch. At RTC we offer canteen facilities with a trolley service for all of our business park clients and their employees. 

Whilst office space, commercial areas and even lab space will probably be most important consideration for any company looking for new premises, having meeting space can also be useful is exactly what a business park can offer you, dedicated meeting spaces in a range of sizes to suit your needs. 

Why RTC?

At RTC we understand that as well as requiring a space that suits you now, the needs of your company may change over time as well. This is why we offer a range of flexible occupancy terms and the option to choose serviced office spaces or even fit outs depending on the exact needs of your company. With all these benefits, is it time you spoke to the team here at RTC so your company could reap the benefits of locating itself within a business park?