How To Return to Work Safely

How To Return to Work Safely

  • 24th September 2021

Businesses reopening or facing more significant numbers of workers returning to the workspace face challenges to ensure this is done safely. Many workers will be anxious at the thought of returning to any degree of routine and expect consideration to be given to ensuring their safety.

There are still risks to be managed and actions you can take to support staff and customers. The UK Government have produced a working safely guide to help businesses understand and comply with the remaining restrictions. But what else can you do to ensure your workforce can return to work safely

Risk assessments

You must prioritise statutory health and safety requirements and conduct risk assessments focusing on managing the risk of transmitting coronavirus through contact and workspace design. Whilst there may be no legal, social distancing requirement, your employees’ feelings matter. Therefore, it may be appropriate to keep those you have in place for longer. The working safely guidance suggests that many preventive measures should continue wherever possible.

Cleaning the workplace more often, providing sanitisers, encouraging employees to care for their workspace regularly, and providing PPE and face coverings will help reduce virus transmission.  Manage workforce interactions, such as creating fixed teams or partnering to reduce daily contact with other people, or continue to keep previous social distance workspaces, perhaps stagger start and finish times to reduce the number of people on the premises or in small spaces. Where screens have been used, maybe leave them in place until more surety risks are no longer present. 


Ensure that your workforce feels fully informed of your plans and have the opportunity to raise concerns in a constructive way. As groups and individuals, you should ensure that employees understand the procedures you will put in place and where they fit in the process. You can ease many of their worries simply by being open and honest about the methods and timing of the return. 


Advise your workforce on the restrictions that legally require them to stay home and ensure they understand how to access coronavirus testing kits and what they should do if they test positive.


Perhaps your current premises are no longer appropriate as your business moves forward post COVID-19. Why not consider premises that offer purpose-built manufacturing or office solutions in whatever combination or size your business needs now and in the future. Consider serviced offices or a modern office, or industrial unit, even a laboratory that meets all the demands of a modern business and makes day to day servicing and management one less headache to overcome. 

Contact us here at RTC Business Park and let us help you make a move to our prestigious convenient Derby-based facilities, which could be the perfect base as you return to working safely after COVID-19 restrictions have now lifted.