Top Tips to Make Working in Winter More Bearable

Top Tips to Make Working in Winter More Bearable

  • 26th October 2021

The mornings are dark, and the nights are kicking in early, which can only mean one thing… winter is upon us. A lot of people struggle at this time of year. It can be hard to find motivation when it is pitch black outside. Give us the option of a warm bed and a hot drink and it can be difficult to get up the energy for a full day’s work.  However, there are some things you can do to make work more bearable during this period. So, let’s take a look:

Boost morale by having regular check-ins, meetings, and joint lunches

It is important to realise you are not alone in struggling during this period, particularly now many are returning to the office after a long time away due to the pandemic. A lot of employees are in the same position. At our business park in Derby, we have great on-site facilities, from conference rooms to canteen facilities, so make the most of them. Making a dedicated time to spend more time as a team can help to pick everyone up, including yourself. 

Treat yourself to a nice cup of tea or coffee every morning 

Start your day off the right way by treating yourself to a nice cup of tea or coffee. Warm and comforting, what could be better? If you have a busy day ahead and you want to make sure you are productive as possible, some of the best teas to consider include green tea, jasmine tea, ginseng tea, black tea, peppermint tea, and ginger tea. Or, if you want something to cheer you up, an indulgent latte or a nice hot chocolate wouldn’t go a miss

Revamp your winter wardrobe 

Another important thing to do is make sure your wardrobe is ready for the winter period. The temperatures swiftly change at this time of year, so you need to be prepared. No one wants to go to walk shivering, so make sure you wrap up warm and dress appropriately. Treating yourself to some new wardrobe pieces can give you a good boost and you can feel more confident going to work during this time of year. 

Final words on making winter working better 

As you can see, there are a number of different steps you can take to make sure you survive the winter months at work. We hope the ideas and suggestions we have provided above will help you to navigate the cold winter period successfully.