DB ESG – an experienced UK rolling stock consultancy supported by Deutsche Bahn’s international railway knowledge

DB ESG, part of Deutsche Bahn, plays a significant role in the development of the UK’s rolling stock, offering innovative and value-led strategic advice, technical consultancy and technology integration.

DB ESG has a wealth of experience, not only in the design and development of new rail technologies themselves, but also in the integration and investigation of vehicle enhancements. They have developed solutions for incorporating new technologies onto existing and new train fleets (for instance European Train Control System – ETCS, overhead line monitoring equipment, Closed-Circuit Television – CCTV and Driver Advisory Systems – DAS).

They work with train operators and owners, vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers. They have an experienced team of proven railway designers, mechanical and electrical systems engineers, project managers and strategic consultants that are ready to address all industry challenges.

DB ESG are also developing capabilities and skills in emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D printing (additive manufacturing), supporting a move towards condition-based maintenance and obsolescence mitigation.

DB ESG has unique and world class capabilities, exemplified by their wheel slide protection evaluation rig (WSPER), which provides an objective and independent method of testing brake performance in low adhesion situations, as well as low adhesion mitigation equipment, such as sanders. Combined with the real track-based adhesion profiles, the WSPER facility has gained global recognition.

DB ESG recently moved the rig into a larger laboratory (also at the rtc Business Park) and is introducing new developments, including the ability to test up to 12 car sets, and electrodynamic brake testing. A software interface between the multi-vehicle brakes and the train’s IP network is being developed to enable whole train system testing (IP backbone). DB ESG is also in discussions with customers about the potential use of WSPER for ETCS qualification tests.

In May 2017, ESG Rail also became the UK route to market for the DB rail engineering companies; DB Systemtechnik and DB Engineering & Consulting. They have expanded the UK portfolio, introducing some exciting new innovations and services from, including new leading edge expertise in railway infrastructure, mobility and transport.

To see how DB ESG can support your organisation or for more information – visit: www.deutschebahn.com/dbesg