What’s the Next Move for Your Business?

What’s the Next Move for Your Business?

  • 26th September 2017

For any business, standing still is not an option. With the expansion, it soon becomes apparent that a business has physically outgrown its premises but this doesn’t necessarily mean you are employing more people. Businesses grow in other ways too and when they do, you need to look at new premises.

If your next move is to physically grow and expand your business, what kind of premises are you looking for?

More Staff

If you are expanding, there is a good chance you are looking to take on more employees. This means you need more space but also facilities. You also want a workplace that is attractive from the outside and on the inside. If your smaller office or workplace is no longer giving off the right message to potential employees, then you must act and find new premises.

Improved Facilities

As your business grows, it is also possible that you need more physical space in terms of the facilities on offer. For example, you may have chosen to outsource your printing needs but with more space, you could bring this work back in-house.

You may also need specialist facilities, such as access to laboratories or other specialist features. If this is the case, you will be looking for services facilities where you can hire or lease the space as and when necessary.


As your business evolves, so too will your customer base and stakeholders. It is also likely that at some point, you will want to attract investment in your business and that means inviting people to view your business.

From business meetings to conferences, do you have the room to welcome people to your business premises, or is like stuffing a tin with sardines? If it’s the latter, the impression you are creating is not quite hitting all the right notes.

Getting the Right Work Space

You could, of course, enter into another lease knowing that with planned expansion in the coming years, the business premises will not grow with you.

Or, you can take the plunge and opt for serviced offices and workplaces. This means accessing and leasing premises that work for your business, like those found at RTC Business Park. With access to catering, meeting rooms and conference rooms, with ample parking and landscaped gardens, you are creating the right impression around your business. And you can start small and, as your business grows, you can lease more office space in Derby too!