What To Expect In The Modern Office Space

What To Expect In The Modern Office Space

  • 16th August 2020

Office life is constantly evolving, never staying still for too long, so it’s important that your company’s office spaces are capable of evolving too. Gone are the days of dull, drab, liveless boxes where the typical 9-5 average Joe would churn out yet another mundane shift ; instead, the modern office is often one of the most vibrant and upbeat places to be, with constant hustle and bustle at every turn. If you’re currently on the search for a new location to base your business, here are the types of spaces we think you should keep an eye out for!

Collaborative Spaces

Working collaboratively is so important for the modern workforce. With more minds working to achieve the same goals, you’re bound to be presented with a more complete end result, which is beneficial to everyone involved. However, collaboration can be hard when you don’t have the right space to operate in. Ideally, you’ll want a space that’s large enough for your entire time to comfortably fit in, with a degree of privacy to help you avoid distractions and focus on the task at hand – booths and huddle spaces are both very popular choices.

Personal Zones

On the other hand, you can also expect to need areas where your employees can shut themselves off, avoid distractions, and just get the job done. Each person is different and will prefer to work in their own way, so it’s important to cater to everyone and ensure that each individual has a space where they feel that they can be as productive as possible. For individual working zones, desks with dividers are a really useful option that gives employees a private space with less distractions, but with the option to still feel that they’re part of the larger collective that surrounds them.

Training Rooms

With the modern workforce always looking to expand and improve, it’s likely that you’ll need a tailored space for education and training – this can be particularly useful when trying to introduce a group to a new platform that they will all be starting to work on together. These rooms with be focused, private, and will likely have technology integrated to help with the learning process, such as screens and presentation equipment.


Social Space

Last, but certainly not least is social space, something that is quickly becoming something that is a must-have in the modern work environment. If you expect your employees to work hard, it’s only fair to expect them to play hard too, so you’ll want to create a space away from the desk and boardroom where employees can blow off steam, clear their minds, and cool off between periods of intense work. Games such as ping-pong, foosball, and pool are a very popular option, with these activities often helping staff to bond and build relationships beyond that of just colleagues – this really improves the overall atmosphere in the office.


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