What Are The Best UK Locations For Your Business?

What Are The Best UK Locations For Your Business?

  • 8th November 2019

London has many things going for it when it comes to a great place to live and work. However, with the UK’s cities growing at speed, there are now more options than ever for entrepreneurs looking to put roots down and for seasoned company directors on the search for the site of their next expansion project. Here we list a few of the UK’s current best locations for business.

Milton Keynes
The city is part of a project to test out a driverless future. A great place for organisations that focus on sustainable projects or that are simply looking to feel the benefits of a wheel-less commute to work. The City also benefits from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund which has helped Milton Keynes to boast one of the highest start-up rates in the country. A partnership project between the Council and Cranfield University will see the creation of a business-focused educational institution, providing the area with the knowledge and skills needed to fuel future business development in the area.

Already home to some large multinationals, Derby benefits from its proximity to both Manchester and Birmingham – cities that have great business potential themselves but in Derby, you don’t have the accompanying price tag. It is no surprise that Derby has been recognised by the Centre of Cities as one of the top UK locations to start a business, the city is changing and using its links to industry to invest in an innovative and creative future. Not only this, but it is thought to be a fantastic place to live, just a few of the reason’s we feel that RTC Business Park would be a great place to start a business, or move an existing one to.

Huawei’s annual smart city index ranked Bristol above London and Birmingham to take the accolade for its efforts in integrating technology developments into the city’s operations – for example, digital traffic management, connected CCTV, telecare services, and alarm monitoring at the City Operations Centre. Often voted as one of the most liveable cities in the country, Bristol has a growing population, with just over half of the workforce educated to at least degree level.

The city has a rich and diverse business portfolio made possible by collaborative and forward-thinking activity between the commercial and public sectors. Bristol is also home to one of the BBC’s hubs and is soon to house a creative hub for Channel 4. The city is working hard to realise the Temple Quarter which will see one of the most ambitious urban regeneration projects in the UK, creating jobs and homes in the process.

The historic city is not only a popular destination but has exciting potential for business. It regularly ranks favourably across education, housing and employment. Due to its offer of quality of life which other areas can only dream of, Edinburgh is fortunate to have nearly half of the graduates from its 4 universities stay in the City and reinvest their education. Funded by the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, the city is aiming to train 100,000 to help it realise its goal of becoming the data capital of Europe.

Obviously, at RTC Business Park, we’d have to say that out of all of the above, we feel that Derby is a great place to live, work and site your business. Why not come and see for yourself what Derby can offer your business?