Understanding the Commercial Property Market in Derby

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Understanding the Commercial Property Market in Derby

  • 19th June 2017

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There are distinct advantages to renting commercial property in Derby.

In spite of the recent years of recession, it is a business community that has remained strong, a property market that has remained buoyant in the face of the financial crisis.

Location says it all

Location for any business is a critical factor in its success. This could mean a high street location, a visible presence in the central business district or an out-of-town location that is close to all available travel links.

For a business to thrive, it needs to be a location that the local community, including local authorities and key business influencers, continually invest, looking to improve the area to attract a range of businesses.

This emphasis on a range of business, and just ‘big business’ means there is a range of commercial properties available in Derby.

And this means understanding the commercial property market in Derby, including what is on offer.

The Business Spaces of Derby


    1. Renovations of Older Buildings

First on the list is the drive of the local authority not to leave large, older buildings empty nor to allow them to fall into decay. Many of the larger buildings in and around the city have been renovated, offering office space close to the city.

Some of these buildings on the outskirts of the city offering larger, more cavernous unit spaces, ideal if you need a commercial property that has warehousing space as well as an office area.

    2. Privately Developed Spaces

As well as spaces rented or leased by the local city council, there has also been a considerable investment by private entrepreneurs in properties across the city too.

There is a range of offices and work areas that are ideal for all businesses, across all industries and sectors. Some of these spaces are also ideally priced for the new business and start-up, desperate for more space but on a limited budget.

    3. Serviced Office Spaces

For some businesses, they realise their commercial property needs are more complex than having a shop front, or a space people can find.

They need a range of other services, although the frequency and regularity of these are not on a set schedule. But they want to take advantage of parking and pleasant outdoor spaces. They do want canteen facilities but without the hassle of running them. They also want versatile and adaptable office space, with the possibility of increasing or decreasing the amount of space they need at some point in the future.


The answer to these conundrums is servicing office space, such as that on offer at RTC Business Park. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with our park, and it may solve all your problems!