Tips on How to Return to Work Safely

Tips on How to Return to Work Safely

  • 19th March 2021

The return of all children to school in the UK is the first step in the government’s plans to ease lockdown in what they are terming an irreversible roadmap to returning the country to normality. With non-essential shops and the hospitality industry set to follow at a later date, providing the numbers continue to do what is needed, it may only be a matter of time before the work from home order is lifted and people find themselves faced with returning to the office. 

For those people who have been working from home almost continually for the last 12 months, this can be an incredibly daunting time that will leave them a little anxious. Here are some tips on things that you can do to help you return to work safely. 

Risk assessment

It can be a good idea for employers to carry out a workplace risk assessment in order to facilitate the return of their employees to the office space. With the news that COVID-19 could be with us for a long time to come, but in smaller numbers, this means that they should still make sure appropriate measures are in place. Hand sanitisers and reminders to wash hands will help returning employees to continue doing those things that we have been reminded to do for the last 12 months. Whilst it is hoped that the necessity to wear masks might be removed at some point, screens between desks may still be a wise measure to implement. Desk positioning should also be considered to allow for a more open office space that provides employees with more space around their desks. 

Just as schools are being advised that fresh air is a good measure against aerosol transmission in classrooms it is important to ensure that all windows in an office can be opened. 

What about employees?

Employees can also play a huge part in ensuring a safe return to the workplace. This means ensuring that they do not stand too close to each other and keeping up with hand washing and sanitising routines. Employers are being encouraged to sign up to the workplace testing scheme so if your employer has then ensure that you are taking the tests to protect your colleagues and loved ones. If they have not signed up, talk to them and see if they will. If you have school children at home you will however be eligible to request and complete regular home tests. 

Here at RTC, we’re doing all we can to assist our tenants who are considering staff returning to the workplace. If you’d like to learn more about how our facilities are protected, why not get in touch with our team?