Things to Consider when Choosing a Commercial Property

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Things to Consider when Choosing a Commercial Property

  • 13th November 2018

Commercial Property

Leasing or renting a commercial property is a big step for any business. With a significant overhead, you want to be confident that the price your business is paying is recuperated in terms of a great location, fantastic transport links, useful facilities and a great first impression of your business.

First Impressions

The building in which your house your business speaks volumes of and for your business. If commercial premises are run down, in the ‘wrong’ location, hard to find etc., it can say a lot about your business that you might not necessarily want it to.

However, a commercial property that is part of a purpose-built industrial park with strong transport links, facilities and location gives a far more favourable impression. It says your business is going places – and your clients will love that!


The location of your chosen commercial property needs to tick many boxes. It needs to be an attractive location, a place that people want to work. It also needs to be in a location where talented employees would consider relocating to.

Your location also needs to be in the right place for attracting new customers. For example, a recruitment agency may want to be on the high street, but a company which makes mechanical parts may want an out of town workshop unit where regular deliveries won’t be a problem.

Transport Links

Good transport links are one of the most important things a business must consider when selecting a commercial property. Choose a location with bad transport links and you risk losing thousands of pounds of business with goods being delayed in transit, and staff finding it difficult to make their work commute.  

Choosing a city with strong transport links is essential. Strong motorway links, along with a nearby airport and strong rail links are not common to every town or city, therefore, considering commercial property in a city such as Derby could bring many advantages.


Every business has slightly different requirements for what they need from a property and these needs will change as business ebbs and flows.

It may be that your business needs a large workshop, with large delivery bay and a small office space for admin staff. Or your business is based around open plan offices for staff performing a range of functions or you may need open-plan space and several smaller offices. What about other factors such as car parking, canteen facilities, board rooms for occasional meetings and so on?

The list of facilities needed in a commercial property could go on and on, which is why finding the right premises is essential.