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The Might of Industrial Opportunities at RTC

  • 11th April 2018

Finding suitable industrial property to let can be problematic, but at RTC Business Park in Derby, the range of industrial units are many and varied. In this blog article, we will discuss what you can expect to find when renting an industrial unit from us.

Great accommodation at a great price

Everything at RTC Business park is about creating value for our tenants, as well as offering the best in modern business accommodation. But this isn’t something we just reserve for the offices we lease out to tenants.

We are confident we have the right industrial setting for your business, no matter what your requirements.

Our industrial units boast some unique features you won’t necessarily find elsewhere;

  •      Rail connected – some of our industrial units are connected via a rail system, excellent news for businesses with large equipment or orders to move etc.
  •      Pit facilities – another specialist facilities that some tenants require are units with inspection pits for machinery and vehicles.
  •      Cranage – need cranes or the occasional use of cranes within industrial facilities? Not a problem because we have that too.
  •      Height and mezzanines – sometimes, industrial tenants need something more from their industrial unit other than a wide-open cavern of space. We have industrial units of various heights as well as units inclusive of a mezzanine floor, perfect for when you need to really utilise the space.
  •      Ancillary offices – we also understand that in any workspace, industrial units included, you may need office space, a staff room, a waiting area for customers etc. again, we can configure industrial units to offer exactly what it is you need.

Our competitive service charges include many essential extras that contribute to our industrial accommodation being some of the best available in the city.

Charges relating to the industrial property to let in Derby include many additional services;

  •      Mechanical and electrical maintenance
  •      24-hours, 7 days week security, essential for all our tenants
  •      External building maintenance
  •      Buildings insurance
  •      Heating and electricity to all units, including industrial spaces – because we ‘buy in bulk’ we get a much better deal, savings we can pass on to our tenants

Time to take a closer look?

We understand that every business has different needs and that these will change over time. This is why we have a reputation for offering not only the best quality business accommodation but with fantastic flexible terms. Surely, it is time you took a closer look?