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Starting Your Journey Up The Property Ladder

  • 28th July 2017

office space to start your property ladder journey

Getting your business started upon the property ladder is no mean feat. It can take a while to find the perfect office space or warehouse for your business and then you have to find the right space at the right price. Finding your first rung up the property ladder can be trickier than you may think but here at RTC Business Park, we’re happy to talk you through it.

Where to start

Getting your business up the property ladder is a world away from the private property ladder you may be on at home. There are much more elements to consider when investing large sums of money in your office space. The best place for you to start may, in fact, be renting an office space rather than jumping straight into buying your first company property.

Big or small solutions

Renting an office space is likely to be the best option for your first business premises. Renting offers you the flexibility of changing things up as you figure out exactly what kind of workspace will be best for your business and allow you to work freely and effectively. Small businesses may require simple office space or perhaps a workroom with attached offices. Larger companies may need additional warehouse room as well.

The truth is, you won’t know exactly what will work best for you until you try out an option or two. Renting office space in a business park such as RTC in Derby means that if your first choice of premises isn’t working as well as you’d hoped; you can change premises with minimum cost as little fuss.

Room to grow

Renting office space rather than buying your first business premise means you won’t have to worry about the cost of outgrowing your premises as the business grows. If your business is an instant success, and you will likely be hoping it will be, if you suddenly find yourself requiring more room for extra staff or products while renting, then a move to bigger premises won’t be as costly. If you have bought your first premises outright you will have a long wait to sell up and move as well as being burdened with the agency fees to do so.

Flexibility with RTC

Get on the first rung of the property ladder and rent office space in Derby from RTC Business Park and enjoy the flexibility and affordability that comes with renting your first business premises.