Why Renting Office Space is Better than Buying It

Why Renting Office Space is Better than Buying It

  • 14th September 2018

Any business needs premises that offers them everything that they need but it can be hard to find. You may be tempted to buy as a means of selling your business’s assets but renting is the favourable, responsive option that most businesses favour. But why?

Flexibility – something that every business needs when it comes to premises and you will only find it when you lease or rent, as opposed to buying.

Investing in property is a long-term endeavour and although you may think that this the right property now, will you think the same in a few years? Selling commercial premises takes far longer than domestic property too, thus renting is the viable option.

RTC’s Offices offer great flexibility:

1. Speedy relocation

Want to move from one side of town to the other or maybe to a new location? When you rent office space, you can make the move so much quicker. Once you have worked through the notice period on your current premises, you simply make the move to your new one.

2. Serviced accommodation

Businesses can rent office space that is either serviced or un-serviced. Serviced means that some of the smaller but essential aspects of running a business from premises are taken care of.

3. Upscaling and downsizing

Businesses expand and contract at different rates. And there are times when your expansion is for a short period, such as over the busy festive period. Imagine if you have access to more space when you needed it and able to contract back to shape when you no longer needed it? When you rent office space, you can do just this and in more ways than you think too.

4. Financial commitment

Just like a domestic property, you must upkeep your business premises if you own it. This present significant costs to your business and ones that are never-ending. From replacing broken items to ensuring that the heating system is serviced annually, the financial commitments and responsibilities are huge. But when you rent office space, many of these things are no longer your immediate concern. Your service charge is your portion of ensuring that such things are taken care of.  

5. Organisation

For serviced business premises, it just feels like all the small things that take time and effort are done by someone else. And that means you and your team can focus on the really important stuff: your business.