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More Than Just an Office Space RTC Can Offer

  • 20th December 2017

RTC Business Park in Derby is not just any old block of offices. The state-of-the-art complex offers businesses and companies the opportunity to base their workings from a contemporary location which works for them. We understand how time-consuming and stressful running a business is, and RTC aims to make renting office space as flexible as possible in order to help your business establish itself in the growing business sector of Derby.

If you are looking for a place to locate your business which is situated close to major transport links, in one of the most vibrant business environments in the country and has some of the most inclusive office facilities while not costing the earth; then RTC Business Park is the ideal solution for you and your business.

Not your standard offices

RTC Business Park offers over 430,000 square feet of business accommodation and can house a huge selection of industries and companies. Unlike standard office premises, we also accommodate businesses needing warehouses, industrial units and even laboratories. What makes RTC really stand out, however, is that we can create a bespoke premises layout for your business, combining two or more accommodation types to suit your business. For example, our flexible space allows us to combine laboratory space and office facilities, or warehouse units and laboratory room if your business creates and ships your own products. With flexible space, you can create an environment perfectly suited to your business and you can change and expand at any time as your business grows and develops.

Another great benefit of RTC Business Park is the option to rent meeting rooms as and when you need them. Renting meeting rooms makes good financial sense if your workforce is usually small and you rarely require enough room to hold a large meeting. You could incorporate this space into your offices but then you may find you are paying for space you rarely use. The management team at RTC will be more than happy to arrange the hire of meeting rooms on-site, which are available in a range of sizes and layouts to suit your needs. The management can also arrange catering for your meeting should you need it, along with all the materials and equipment you will need for your meeting.

The grounds of RTC Business Park are maintained by our own groundwork team so that the fa├žade of your business premises is always kept looking its best for you and your clients who may come to visit. Our management team also take care of office maintenance as well as offering business insurance to cover your office and all the equipment within.