Modern Office Space Layouts to Suit You

Modern Office Space Layouts to Suit You

  • 13th July 2018

As far back as we can go there have been rooms that could be described as offices, but the modern office is a far cry from those of yesteryear. Following a huge investment, RTC Business Park has some of the most modern office space to rent Derby offers with comfort cooling, carpeted floors, shared kitchen facilities and lift access.

The Old

The Romans had dedicated places where business could be conducted, and many a Gentleman would have a dedicated room where his Steward could handle the affairs of his estate.

With the growth of factories and industry, the amount of paperwork that needed to be dealt with also grew. This, in turn, led to an increase in the number of people working in offices. Many approaches were tried but one of the most popular was of having large numbers of clerks or similarly lowly office workers arranged in rows so that they could be easily observed by managers in offices arranged around the outside of the space.

Clearly, by modern standards, this would be an unpleasant place to work. Further revolutions in office design increased the amount of space each employee was given and began to include soft surfaces to absorb noise, thus allowing workers to concentrate more fully on what they were working on.

The New

A modern office encourages creativity and efficiency by creating a calm and worklike environment. Instead of rows of small desks, offering just enough space to do a single task, open-plan offices are divided up into cubicles with each worker allocated a roomy desk, drawers and other furniture as their work demands.

Team leaders often have their own cubicle to keep them close to their teams, although higher-level managerial staff would still expect their own offices.

To facilitate further team building many offices have shared spaces – meeting rooms and breakout areas – where teams can congregate either formally or informally. Kitchen facilities are often provided to allow staff to make their own hot drinks and food. Although, as you’ll soon find out at RTC, the tea trolley is still a highlight of office life!

Office space at RTC is based on flexible floor plans which allow our tenants to choose the layout that suits their mode of working – whether that’s fully enclosed offices or fluid hot-desking facilities that workers can use whenever they happen to be in the building.