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How to Make the Most of Your Commercial Property

  • 10th October 2018

When renting commercial property, Derby is competitively priced, but that doesn’t mean that you want to waste your money on renting more space than your business has a use for. Making the most of your commercial property could allow you to maintain a more healthy cash-flow.

Share Facilities

There are many facilities that good companies like to offer their employees – plenty of parking, onsite food and drink outlets and so on. Renting on a business park like RTC means you don’t need to factor those features into your space calculations. Communal car parking with the peace of mind 24/7 security brings, and a restaurant that also provides trolley service to the office space are just two ways in which RTC can help you maximise your potential.

Inventive Layout

No two office layouts are the same. Different tasks require different furniture and personal preference can be instrumental in deciding the final layout of an office. Yet there is still scope to use clever tricks to maximise the potential of your office space. For example:

  • Do your staff spend a lot of time working collaboratively? Then a “newsroom” style layout, with desks pushed together into one large block, could aid them by allowing impromptu meetings and briefings to take place.
  • Do your staff spend a lot of time out of the office? Then ditching the personal desks in favour of “hot-desks” which can be used by anyone, any time, maximises the number of desks occupied without wasting space on peripatetic employees who may be spending most of their working hours on the road or at the client’s place of business.


A good reception area is inviting to visitors – but can take up a lot of space which could be used for other activities. At RTC we have manned security and communal reception areas to manage visitors and provide a warm welcome.

Combine activities

You may not need to rent specific office space if most of your work takes place in a workshop or laboratory. Having one or two offices at the side of your main production space allows managers, sales and admin staff to be more closely integrated into the core business and can allow for better quality control without engineering a feeling of “them and us” which can happen when office staff are physically removed from production.

If you want to make your space work harder for your business, why not see what RTC can do for you?