The Importance of Great Facilities in Your Workplace

The Importance of Great Facilities in Your Workplace

  • 27th December 2017

RTC Derby

When you are contemplating where to set up your business headquarters and offices, it isn’t enough to simply have a roof over your and your employees’ heads. While finding an office space which is the right size and in the right location is very important, you shouldn’t overlook how big of an impact the right office facilities can have on your business.

The better the facilities your office space can provide; the easier you will find it to do business from that location. From basic facilities such as heating, water and lighting, to more inclusive facilities such as custom office layouts, catering and on-site parking; the things your office space has to offer will have a big impact on you and your employees.

Good facilities; great business

Having great office facilities makes great business sense for several reasons. Making yourself and your employees comfortable whilst at work is likely to improve your work rate. If you are all cold, uncomfortable and unhappy then your work is likely to suffer so it makes good sense to keep your workforce happy by providing comfortable, clean office with perks such as a cafeteria and ample parking. Having an array of facilities within your office also gives off a good impression to any visitors to your premises. Whether clients, partners or suppliers; if they see you operating an impressive office environment this reflects well on you and your business.

What does RTC have to offer?

RTC Business Park offers a selection of office facilities, all of which you can pick and choose from to include in your bespoke office contract. Our site houses a combination of low rise offices, warehouses and laboratories, all of which can be laid out in the design of your choosing to help you make the most out of your business.

We have a central canteen which provides cooked breakfast and lunch every day as well as offering a trolley service to the offices, supplying sandwiches, drinks and confectionery for those needing an afternoon pick-me-up. The management team at RTC can also organise catering if you are holding a meeting or conference in one of our dedicated conference suites or meeting rooms.

Here at RTC, we also offer plentiful car parking as well as 24-hour, 7 days week security to give you, your employers and your guests complete peace of mind. The business park itself is located within the ease of reach from Derby Station, the city centre and Pride Park. All office space contracts can be personalised to suit you and your business so that you can get the most from RTC Business Park and enjoy the range of office facilities we have to offer.