The Importance of Collaboration in the Workplace

The Importance of Collaboration in the Workplace

  • 30th June 2019

One of the most important factors that contribute to success in the workplace is employees who are able to work together as a team. With increasing competition in the workplace, it is now more important than ever to encourage your employees to be creative in an effort to increase productivity and create healthy employee relationships.

Being able to work in a team allows your employees to be more effective and quicker with their work, compared to those people who work on their own. Employees who work together are more motivated, and this could translate to them being more productive too.

What is the value of collaboration?

Brainstorming and collaborating on different projects allows the members of your team to come together with a common goal in mind. When a team see how much can be achieved by working together, they can be motivated to continue. Not only can they achieve their goals as a team, but this can result in the company achieving their targets as well.

One of the best things about collaboration is that it offers each member of a team an equal chance to have their say. Everyone has a chance to take part in the project and offer up their ideas and suggestions. This means that you have the potential to hear some suggestions that you may not have considered before and that may provide real value. Newer employees would also have the chance to shine and you could see potential that you may otherwise have missed if that person had not had their own chance to contribute. This means that you may spot skills within your team that can be valuable to future projects.


Collaboration spaces

It is really important to set aside some space in your office that can be used as a collaboration area; somewhere that your employees can congregate in order to discuss ideas, brainstorm workloads and work out the best way in which to tackle any pressing issues. It is often better if this space is away from people’s normal workstations and all the distractions that there might be there such as phone calls and emails. A brightly lit room, with plenty of space and a couple of whiteboards, makes a great collaboration space. Our office space in Derby is a great place to plan out your perfect office set up, giving you as much space as you need to allow your team to collaborate on any project they take on.