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How to Identify Great Commercial Property to Rent

  • 22nd June 2017

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What is it you are looking for? That will be the question you are asked by a commercial property letting agent. On the face of it, the answer can seem quite simple. You want a shop front or office space. But these may be your immediate concerns. What about the future? Can you see your business growing quickly or will it be a steady increase? Will growth mean more employees and more storage space?

It can be hard to predict the future, but within your business plan, you have forecast your growth. In some ways, controlled growth is better for getting your hands on the best commercial property to rent.

Four Factors to Look For

     1. Location

Location is essential for any business, even for those that trade purely on the web and without a physical high street presence.

Location is not just about to attract customers but about being close to travel links (or the ones you will use, such as the road network). Travel and location impact on your bottom line so getting the right property in the right location is an instant benefit to your business.

    2. Flexibility Within the Space

An open-plan space may be ideal. Or maybe you need smaller spaces. You may need space that is multifunctional, such as a warehousing unit with office space in Derby for administrative tasks. If you occasionally have visitors or customers visiting, you need a small portion of the space to be a reception area and so on.

Remember, your office space critical in creating the right first impression.

 3. Other Amenities – parking, canteen facilities, outdoor space

Attracting a pool of talent to your business that will help it grow is essential to success. As well as offering a fantastic remuneration package with benefits, you need to offer a pleasant working environment too.

Serviced business parks can provide all the extras that you need, such as those available at RTC Business Park. As far as office space in Derby goes, this is one of the best location, wide open and landscaped outdoor spaces, canteen facilities, meeting rooms for hire and more all help to attract the right people, and create the right impression.

  4. Cost

But then there is the question “can you afford it?” For any business, the cost of renting, leasing or buying their business premises is by far, the biggest overhead.

You need the right space but at the right cost. But in Derby, you will be amazed at what you will get for your money…