How Technology Has Changed Offices and the Way We Work

How Technology Has Changed Offices and the Way We Work

  • 6th January 2021

In recent years, the modern office has changed significantly. Improvements in technology, faster broadband speeds and even people’s approach to the working week have all combined to have huge impact on the way in which we work. This has meant that offices have also changed, and businesses have had to adapt to meet the demands of a workforce who want to do things a little differently.

Flexible working

No longer are offices confined to the rigidity of following a 9-5 timetable that runs from Monday to Friday exclusively. Flexible working, once seen as the only option for a parent returning to work and needing to fit in their job around childcare requirements, is now far more commonplace. Whilst some employers may have been slow to come on board with the concept of flexible working it is becoming increasingly popular and offers benefits not only to the employee but also the employer.

The significant improvements that have taken place in the world of instant messaging, video conferencing and even the virtual workspace – things like Google Drive or Slack – have made the modern workplace a far more collaborative environment.

Whilst these changes were already well underway before the pandemic hit on a global scale and those employees who could work from home were asked to do so, the adaptations that many companies have put in place since March have proved just how different the workplace really has become. Remote working, once the luxury afforded to a select few, has been shown to work on a much larger scale and many employees would like to see the trend continue, at least on a flexible basis with some days spent in the office and others working from home.

What will become of the office as we knew it?

The big question many are asking is just what impact this improvement in technology and flexible working will have on the more traditional office environment?

Firstly, not all roles can easily be carried out by someone who is working from home so there will certainly be a need for companies to retain an office space. There are also occasions when employees will need to meet up, as a good mix between flexible remote working and office working will still be vital.

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