How Office Noise Can Be A Detrimental Distraction

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How Office Noise Can Be A Detrimental Distraction

  • 25th February 2016

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When you look for offices to let in Derby, one of your main considerations is ensuring you find a workspace that is productive for your employees – somewhere they can work to the best of their ability for the benefit of your business. From natural lighting to layout, there are many different factors that can impact the efficiency of your office space. Here at RTC Business Park, we ensure that our offices to let in Derby give our clients the ability to excel. However, a recent study has shown that there is one thing workers are complaining about across the country, and this is office noise.

A huge number of workers can’t cope with office noise

A recent Business Matters survey has shown that 75% of office staff are distracted by office noise. This is something that impacts women more than men, with 67 per cent of women stating a quiet office makes them more productive, and 65 per cent of men stating they need peace and quiet. Moreover, 75 per cent of workers who are over the age of 55 states that they need a calm and quiet office if they are to be truly productive, and 60 per cent of under 25 years say the same thing.

There were so more interesting findings too, with those in Humber and Yorkshire being most distracted by noise. Workers also revealed that they don’t only believe a quite and calm office assists with productivity, but that it can help boost morale and it can create a better impression on any visitors, be it potential clients or a supplier – it all works towards creating a better brand image.

How to make sure you don’t have a problem!

This should lead all business owners to consider; is their workplace to noisy? Are there any changes you can make to deal with this so that you reap the rewards? Luckily, at RTC Business Park, we do half of the work for you because our offices to rent in Derby are situated in 28 acres of landscaped gardens, providing a quiet and tranquil environment. This space is optimised for efficient working. There are other ways you can boost productivity in the office, for example, investing in modern ergonomic furniture is a great option. You can take a look at one of our recent blog posts on office space productivity (LINK) for more suggestions.