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Finding Flexible Office Space That Fits Your Business Needs

  • 1st December 2017

Commercial Property with RTC

Even if you dominate the same sector as another competitor, no two businesses are the same in terms of the space they need; the amount and shape of it. And that is why choosing flexible premises that can flex and mould to fit your business needs is essential.

But what exactly should you be looking for? Here at RTC, we have solutions to fit a variety of business needs, and here are the top reasons our clients love being in our business park.


Businesses grow and shrink but often, premises are not adept at expanding to accommodate your business. But when you scale back a business, the overheads associated with running business premises are not forgiving. Tied into a lease agreement or mortgage, you will pay the same level of rent or mortgage payment whether you fully occupy the building or not. Heating and utilities can also be the same with only a very small change in what you pay. Essentially, you are looking for business premises that are more responsive to the economies of scale of your business, which is something we’re only too happy to offer.

Flexible Lease Terms

It is easy to sign on the dotted line in your excitement but not really think about what you may or may not need in the future. But if the lease agreement is watertight, it could be the immovable overhead that could cause your expansion to stutter and falter.

We offer flexible lease terms that allow you to scale up your business but, when you need to, scale it back too. This means, perhaps, no longer leasing the same amount of office space but without a negative impact on your location or facilities.

Additional Facilities

You may not host meetings with clients on a regular basis, but there are times that you do need to bring people together. The problem is, you don’t have a meeting room or ‘spare’ rooms that could act as breakout rooms. You don’t have canteen facilities, just a small kitchen and so on.

But here’s the rub: you don’t want to lease premises that has all this, just in case you might use it. The costs would be extortionate but there is a solution: our serviced facilities.
This means opting to lease a suite of rooms or premises that suits your business but, when you need a conference or boardroom, catering facilities etc. they are on-site and available to use at a small, additional cost.

Flexibility is the cornerstone of getting the right business premises, alongside facilities and scalability. Get in contact today to see how RTC can offer you premium offices to rent in Derby.