Features of Modern Commercial Offices

Features of Modern Commercial Offices

  • 16th May 2018

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Commercial property in Derby offer lots of choices, but not all offices are conducive to good morale and productivity. Office life is changing. With wireless networks and portable devices, your employees can be more flexible and mobile than ever before. So what do you need to have a dynamic and productive workforce?

Breakout Areas

If you have teams working together on projects they need spaces to go that allow the team to collaborate. Breakout areas are neutral ground. You’re not swarming around one member’s workstation or filling the team leader’s office. Flexible floor plans allow for the inclusion of breakout areas that can be shared amongst several teams, maximising their utility. And on sunny days your team can breakout into our landscaped grounds.

Focus Areas

Even in project based teams there are times when employees need to be free of distractions. Sound-deadening cubicle dividers, or small offices, can create small oases of calm where staff can get their heads down. Etiquette ensures that if you’re using a focus area a “Do not disturb” sign can be assumed.

Learning Areas

In a fast changing world you need to be on top of your training. One of the huge benefits of renting your offices on a business park is that you have access to conference and meeting rooms on a per hour basis. You can send your staff for training, knowing they won’t be distracted by simply being down the corridor, and can arrange for the most suitable facilities for the training required.

Social Areas

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or so the saying goes. It’s well-established that employees are more productive when they can take a break every hour or so to grab a coffee. Being able to eat your lunch somewhere different refreshes the mind and allows your staff member to return to their work rejuvenated. Many of our office suites include kitchen facilities (or share kitchens with other suites) and there is an on-site restaurant serving breakfast and lunch.


None of this is possible without newly refurbished offices that can be configured to suit, with comfort cooling and good lighting. With our range of open-plan and cellular office space we’re sure you can find an office suite to bring your working methods right up to date ensuring that your 21st century staff have 21st century offices to work in.