Facilities Every Modern Office Should Have

Facilities Every Modern Office Should Have

  • 7th August 2019

We spend long hours at work and so it makes sense to create a work environment that is both welcoming and productive. So what should the modern office space in Derby have?

Strong public transport links

How people get to work is changing, and so it’s common to find that employees will take public transport to work. A modern office complex served by public transport is essential.

Ample car parking space

There is nothing worse than spending half an hour each morning looking for a parking space and then having to dash out halfway through the day to move it to a new location. Likewise, paying to park at work is a major bugbear and so offering ample, onsite car parking as well as bike racks is simply essential.

Onsite canteen

An onsite canteen can make all the difference to a workforce. They don’t have to worry about finding a local café or supermarket to nip out and buy in lunch every day. If they do bring their own food to work, they have somewhere pleasant to eat it.

Pleasant surroundings

Landscaped gardens aren’t necessarily a must but for too long, office complexes have been large, anonymous buildings with very little in the way of greenery surrounding it. It isn’t about having an office with a view as such, but grounds in which employees can spend time outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Modern, working environment

The modern office needs to be light, warm and well-ventilated. With windows that look out on to a pleasant outdoor space, the modern work environment here at RTC is not noisy, dusty or dirty but a clean space that is bright and welcoming.


There is no denying that the modern workplace needs to offer much more in the way of facilities. And that means providing employees with the space that they need that fit with the tasks that they are expected to do. Thus, safe storage units and warehouses or office space that is ideal for the equipment they need to use.

Safe and secure

Not every business runs along with a 9 to 5 pattern. Shift work means that employees can start early in the morning or late shifts mean they leave work long after everybody else has left. A safe and secure, with security staff on site, does a lot to reassure people that their employer is taking their safety seriously.

We provide all this and more – but what do you think makes for a perfectly modern workplace?