Creating an Office Space Which Boosts Worker Productivity

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Creating an Office Space Which Boosts Worker Productivity

  • 25th February 2019

We’ve seen a lot of innovation over the years, and office space in Derby has made sure it has kept at the forefront of the changes. Where new research indicates a way of improving productivity, you can be sure that businesses in Derby will embrace the new methods.

The problem with all this innovation is that it keeps changing. So rather than you reading up on the current best thinking in office design, we’ve put together a little guide to creating an office space which boosts worker productivity.

Natural light

Claims for natural light are varied, with some studies suggesting employees in hot-desk or rotating office environments have a 300% boost when at a desk near a window, as opposed to in the middle of the room. RTC’s office spaces are flexibly configured, and the floor plans include utility areas such as toilets, lifts and kitchens, away from windows to increase the amount of natural light your employees can enjoy.

Horses for courses

Different tasks require different facilities. Taking an important phone call needs peace and quiet, but brainstorming a new product or trying to overcome writer’s block needs face-to-face contact with the rest of the team. Flexible layouts include private and open plan areas and breakout zones, allowing employees to use the space most suited to their current focus.

The small things

Having a Swiss cheese plant in reception might be a cliché, but it is undeniable that people feel better with plants and nature around them. We’re very fortunate at RTC to have extensive landscaped grounds where your staff can get some fresh air when they need it.

Another thing that improves morale no end is being organised – so don’t skimp on the filing trays, desk organisers and drawer space when ordering your furniture.

In touch with the rest of the world

Modern technology can be a huge boost to productivity. Organiser apps, such as the virtual PA systems in Slack, can make arranging a meeting a simple matter of agreeing to have one. Cloud computing allows collaboration on documents on a large scale and video conferencing keeps you in touch with clients and offices across the world. Modern offices need modern facilities, which is why we’ve been busy at RTC, renovating our office blocks to bring them up to the standards enterprising businesses expect, and why we offer flexible leases which include many services as standard.