How To Create The Perfect Office Working Conditions

How To Create The Perfect Office Working Conditions

  • 1st October 2019

We spend the majority of our week at work. There are ways to make it a more pleasant experience; happy employees are more productive employees. Creating a positive working environment can help significantly with job satisfaction. There are a number of ways to create perfect working conditions in an office and we’re going to share some of our favourites with you.

The daily commute can be soul destroying and the last thing you want after a nightmare journey is to get into work and find there is nowhere to park! Parking is a contentious subject; getting the balance right between environmentally friendly options and parking for when it is really needed is difficult. At RTC Business Park we think we’ve got the ratio just right. What we also offer is a location that is accessible via public transport and if your employees live locally in Derby, for keen cyclists we are merely 2/3rds of a mile from the city centre.

The open plan office is increasingly popular and at RTC Business we allow you to take advantage of this. It allows for teams to feel a sense of belonging with each other and other departments within an organisation – you always feel better about a situation when you visualise that others are there with you. Open plan desk environments foster collaboration; employees are more likely to talk and discuss issues and ideas if they know they don’t have to get up and walk to another closed door office or cubicle.

The downside to this is the noise. Not everyone likes to work against a backdrop of constant hustle bustle and sensitive conditions are difficult to conduct. The solution is having a number of quiet rooms for each floor. These can be utilised by employees to have a space where they really need to focus on a task or it’s a day where they need to be alone.

Where possible, allow your employees to work in as much natural light as possible. Natural light is aesthetically pleasing but also has benefits for an individual’s energy and sleep levels.

Comfortable office
It is a challenge to work in an environment where there is an odour, bins are overflowing and there is no comfortable seating to enjoy your breaks in. Having an efficient cleaning schedule in place can help you to remedy this – at RTC Business Park we offer serviced office space to make things easier for you. Invest in furniture for breakout areas that is inviting and allows employees to fully unwind.

Employees should be proud of where they work, this feeling is helped by allowing them to customise their desk space. Family photos, an ergonomically designed chair, raised desks, and ample storage space are all ways to personalise desk space and create an environment which means something to each member of staff.

Office plants have often been the subject of heated debate! If your employees would like greenery, allow it and let them bring in their choice of foliage for their desks. Plants add more than just a visual element to an office space; the right plants can contribute to improved air quality. Arrange plants in your office reception area, breakout space to create a space that is inviting and fresh.