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Choosing RTC Business Park For Your Office

  • 21st January 2015

It’s a well-known fact that a good environment promotes happy and more productive employees, and if you are looking for office space to rent in Derby, in a more serene environment, a business park is a good option for you. On a business park, you will get fully serviced offices and could also benefit shared amenities such as a reception and security patrols. It is the perfect place to have an office because you will get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, avoiding sky-high rents, and enjoying more space for your money.

RTC Business Park in Derby, the perfect place to do business

If you’re based in the Derby area, the RTC business park offers you an excellent opportunity to lease an office. Set on spacious landscaped gardens that relax you the minute you set foot in the parking area, you’ll wonder why you ever considered anywhere else. Depending on your needs, the facility offers a cellular or open-plan suite to match your needs.

Some of the key benefits of choosing RTC for your business include:

A flexible lease policy – If you are just starting your business, you may not be in a position to take a long-term lease. At RTC, you can get leases for short durations from as little as 3 months. The facility also has easy entry and exit terms for businesses.

High accommodation standards at low prices – Success in business is a result of a combination of various factors. At RTC, you get to choose the layout of your office. This choice in combination with the welcoming business atmosphere is likely to spur you to grow your business. The fact that you can share common facilities and services with other clients has an effect of reducing your overall running costs too.

Transport is taken care of – An outstanding feature of being a tenant on RTC Business Park is that the facility has a huge parking area that can accommodate over 900 cars at any given time. In addition, the offices are located close to all the main roads such as the M1 motorway, Derby station, A50, Pride Park and Derby city centre.

Tailored refurbishments – In a bid to accommodate your needs, the management of the facility allows you to choose your preferred office type. As long as your office fits within the space you have booked, you can set it up in whatever style you wish. If you only need a small space, you can request a small incubation office that will serve your needs perfectly.

Tight security – The management of the facility has security personnel who man the offices for 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This gives you peace of mind that your office, and therefore business assets are protected even when you’re not there.

There’s no better choice to make than the RTC Business Park for new, and existing Derbyshire businesses. Why not get in contact and book a visit to find out how you could benefit.