How to Choose the Right Office Space Size

How to Choose the Right Office Space Size

  • 27th October 2018

Your offices are an important part of your premises costs. You need office space to run your business, even if you run a manufacturing or engineering business, and you need to ensure that you have enough space that all the office staff can work comfortably. Luckily, for companies looking for office space to rent , Derby has a good selection of office types to suit all sizes of business.

Thinking about what you actually need from your office space allows you to narrow down your selection to a reasonable shortlist. Think about the size of your business, your plans for growth and what tasks your employees need to undertake when browsing adverts.

Number of employees

By far the biggest factor is simply how many people you employ. As a rule of thumb, HSE recommends a minimum volume of 11 cubic metres per employee. This is based on a 3m high ceiling, so works out at around 3.67 square metres or just under 40 sq ft of floor space.  

Movement and meetings

Of course, that allowance takes no account of furniture and movement. So, while a 10,000 sq ft suite might sound like enough for 250 employees, in reality, that would mean seating them in small cubicles in one huge open plan environment. You need to include corridor space, meeting rooms, larger offices for managers (if needed), breakout areas and other communal areas in your calculations. As much as 40% of your floor space could need to be given over to uses other than seating your staff.


You also need to consider any office space you may use for production – packing or quality control. This will also take up space and may require more space per employee than if they were simply working at a desk on admin duties. Also consider whether you want your offices next to the workshop, or in a purpose-built office block.

Future growth

Moving a business is a difficult task and can be costly in terms of downtime and loss of business. If your plans for your company include growth, then you may wish to factor in space to take on new employees in the future. One of the advantages of moving to a business park like the one RTC offer is that it is often possible to increase the amount of space you rent without needing a complete office relocation when you do so.