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5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Space Tidy

  • 11th October 2016

In today’s competitive world of business, having a clean and well-maintained office space is imperative to the success of your company. If you’re finding that your office space is not living up to the standards needed for a productive and efficient office, there is plenty of easy to maintain office space in Derby available for […]


How Offices Have Changed?

  • 29th September 2016

The working office has undergone some significant changes over the past century, in particular, the last 50 years or so. When you look at offices in the sixties and seventies they’re a far cry from the sleek, styled and streamlined offices we have today. Whether you’re looking to rent office space in Derby or business owned […]


Make Your Office Space Brighter

  • 22nd September 2016

Bright Ideas for a Bright New Office As a business, you should always be striving to create a safer and healthier working environment for you and your employees. It not only helps to create a nicer place to work, but also helps improve work productivity levels, which is a win-win from a business perspective. Part […]


Is Your Office Ready For Winter?

  • 14th September 2016

It’s human instinct to want to go into hibernation during the winter months. The cold, damp weather and less daylight that keeps us indoors can affect everyone’s mood. However, the last thing you want is for this to have an impact on your staff’s health and productivity levels, which can also impact the bottom line […]


Buying or Renting Office Space – Which is Best?

  • 8th September 2016

When it comes to sourcing your office space, there is much debate about whether buying or renting is better in the current climate. Naturally, whether you’re looking for office space to rent or buy, there are pros and cons to both. Buying is a big commitment and may not be the best solution for your […]


What Can A Derby Office Do For Your Business?

  • 16th August 2016

Your business needs a dynamic environment in which to survive. It needs to be accessible both for employees and customers. It also needs to be at the heart of transport links that make logistics a breeze. There can be few places in the UK that tick all these boxes but Derby is one of them. […]


Services You Should Look For When Seeking Serviced Office Space in Derby

  • 3rd August 2016

One of the key advantages of renting serviced office space in or around the Derby vicinity is the fact that you will get a number of different services included for a small fee. This is highly beneficial, as it not only enhances convenience but it saves you a great deal of money too. You don’t […]


Protecting Data During Your Move to a New Office Space in Derby

There is a lot that needs to be planned during your move to a new office space in Derby. Once you have found the perfect commercial property to let in Derby, the hard work has only just begun. You then need to plan the move, and this involves a lot more than the transportation of furniture. One of […]


The six stages of planning your office space in Derby

  • 1st August 2016

If you are looking for commercial property to let Derby-based, there is a lot that needs to be considered. This not only relates to the process of selecting the best office space in Derby for your requirements, but it also concerns how you are going to set up your office and organise everything so that […]