How Can A Derby Location Benefit Your Business?

How Can A Derby Location Benefit Your Business?

  • 21st October 2019

The right location for your business is important on so many levels. The location that you decide to do business from impacts your employees, your customers and your supply chain. It isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. If you are undecided or looking to relocate, Derby presents the ideal environment for your organisation to thrive, and here at RTC Business Park, we’re going to tell you why!

Employee pool
Nine million people live within 20 miles of Derbyshire’s boundary and 80% of the population within 4 hours drive, thus making Derby and Derbyshire a fantastic investment opportunity, giving your business access to top level knowledge, skills and experience and a prospective market.

An organisation’s biggest asset has to be its workforce. Employees that are happy are more productive, achieve better results and will want to stay with the business for longer. One of the most important factors impacting their job satisfaction is work-life balance. Derby enables this to happen – the city has excellent office space (take a look at our own brochure!) available keeping the daily commute short and the option to either drive or take public transport.

Benefits for employees
Employees want to be able to see the fruits of their hard work at the end of the month in their take home pay. Having your business in Derby means your employees have access to affordable housing and the benefits of city life without the London or Birmingham price tag. You recruit the staff and let Derby work its charm in keeping them! The city offers a wealth of exciting options to live and relax – giving people the best of what the city and the countryside has to offer.

Great transport links
Transport accessibility matters in more ways than one. Being able to get to Manchester in the North and Birmingham in the South helps you as a business to keep your development costs, including suppliers, at a reasonable level – allowing you to source the best over a large area. Also, you can locate your business in Derby but still have access to what you need in the big city – London is only 89 minutes away from Derby by train!

By relocating to Derby, you would be joining an area that is already home to well-known international brands, whom, together with the rest of Derbyshire, have created an area buzzing with innovation and skill. Don’t get left behind, locate your business in Derby and you’ll soon find out why it was voted a top ten UK location in which to start a business, according to centre for cities.