The Benefits of Renting Dedicated Workshop Units

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The Benefits of Renting Dedicated Workshop Units

  • 26th November 2018

As a business, you may need premises that are specific to the activities carried out in them. from laboratory workshops to mechanical setups, what are the benefits of renting dedicated workshop units?

Health and Safety

For every business, health and safety is an important and critical consideration. A vital aspect of employee health and well-being is the physical environment in which they work.

Workshops that are designed for a specific use will take into account the health and safety requirements of the activities carried out within them such as:

  • Ventilation systems to recycle air and remove potentially harmful airborne irritants and pollutants
  • Correct operating temperatures such as cold storage areas and the additional equipment needed to facilitate this
  • Minimising hazards and risk with purpose-built workshop units

Better flow of work

In order for specific duties and activities to be carried out, the building needs to support the flow of work. In a building where the form doesn’t fit the function, work can be staggered, and it can take longer to get things done. With a workshop that can be altered easily to accommodate different workflows, the results are increased productivity with better results.


Just as accommodation, design and function are important in a workshop, so too is a location. Strong transport links via road, rail and air are key to many businesses, as is being in a location attractive to staff. Finding the best workspaces in your town can be difficult, and yet, there are many out-of-town industrial parks that offer small, medium and large workshops, some with specialist equipment or dedicated areas that make them the ideal place to base your business.

Dimensions and space

Every workshop is different because the needs of every business are different. What you require in terms of equipment in a workshop is different from that of another business. Thus, a pit in a mechanical workshop makes for better repairs and servicing of vehicles and equipment and a storage area, with regulated temperatures is essential for a food business.

This is aided by the dimensions and space within the workshop, whether you need high ceilings or large storage spaces that can be closed off or opened as and when needed.


You want your business to give customers the very best impression. And what better way than by basing your business within the realms of a dedicated workshop unit in the right location?

Contact us to find out more about how you can create the right impression with your commercial premises.