Benefits of Renting Commercial Property

Benefits of Renting Commercial Property

  • 25th February 2021

If you are looking for business property then you will find yourself facing that age old question; do you buy or would it be better to rent? Buying your business property can represent a significant commitment that could tie up a considerable amount of your money. There are, however, several reasons why you should consider taking a look at commercial property for rent instead.


One of the biggest benefits that businesses consider renting is that it allows them a greater deal of flexibility as their company grows. When they rent, they are not locked into owning a property. It is usually possible to arrange the length of rental lease that you require with your landlord and if you want to add a break clause that will allow for them to end the rental lease if they need to relocate to larger premises.


There are of course financial benefits to renting commercial property over buying. When you purchase, you tie up all your capital in the premises and this can potentially leave you short when it comes to purchasing, or renting, any equipment that you might need. The upfront costs of leasing a property are often lower than people realise. Renting also means that you will not be exposed to any rises in interest rates, although of course you may see your rent rise as a result of rent review. Before you sign a rental agreement, it is worth checking how your landlord carries out rent reviews.

Maintenance and up-keep

When you rent your commercial property you may have responsibility for any repairs and maintenance that occurs in the space that you rent, however you will not be responsible for the exterior of the building. Any repairs or maintenance that needs to be carried out here is more likely to fall into the remit of the landlord.

Advantages of renting with RTC

At RTC we offer a mixture of different premises from laboratories to office spaces. Our site is easy to reach by rail and road, connecting with both the north and south of the country. We offer a wide range of benefits to those companies wishing to rent commercial property, from onsite parking to 24-hour manned security. We have onsite meeting and conference rooms and a large onsite canteen.

Our office space can be configured to each individual client’s exact requirements and we offer flexible occupancy terms that include fit out should our clients require it.

Why not consider reaping the benefits of renting commercial space for your business by moving to RTC? To find out more about the premises available, simply call our friendly team; we’ll be glad to advise you on the premises that best fit your needs.