5 Things You Need To Know When Looking For Industrial Commercial Property

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5 Things You Need To Know When Looking For Industrial Commercial Property

  • 17th May 2016

If you are looking for industrial commercial property to let for your business, then you will undoubtedly have a varied selection to choose from. The importance of selecting the right industrial unit cannot be ignored, and while industrial space can be cheaper than other types of commercial property in Derby, it still represents a significant business expense and your decision is undoubtedly going to have a big weight on your company. So, let’s take a look at five key factors to keep in mind.

1.    Know your budget

The first thing you need to do is establish a budget. It is vital to do this from the offset because it will make it much easier when you are narrowing down an industrial commercial property you have at your disposal.

2.    Know your requirements

Aside from deciphering your budget, you need to make a list of all your requirements. For example, how big of a space do you require? Do you need to be near a public transport line?

3.    Know your responsibilities

In some cases, you will be responsible for the maintenance of your industrial commercial property; in other cases, it will be the responsibility of the landlord. This is something you need to find out about beforehand, as it will influence how much you need to take on above what is included in the service charge. At RTC Business Park, we provide an extensive selection of services within our service fee.

4.    Know what you are getting yourself into

You would not believe how many people still make the rookie error of signing a lease for an industrial commercial property without fully understanding it. You need to go through the contract word for word. If there is something you don’t understand, consult a lawyer. Never sign anything without being one hundred per cent confident of the conditions and that it is right for you.

5.    Know what other people think

Last but not least, it is a good idea to read reviews that have been left by previous tenants that have rented industrial properties from the landlord in question before. This will give you an honest insight into the quality and service you are likely to experience. If the landlord has a bad reputation, this is something you should be able to pick up on fairly easily and you will know to look elsewhere.