Get the most out of your desk space

Get the most out of your desk space

  • 14th October 2016

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Having a clean, and well-organised desk allows you to be more productive when carrying out your day-to-day tasks. Often, the size of your desk area is dependant on the size of the office that you are in, which means that not all of us have the luxury of a large spacious desk to work on. But even smaller sized desks can be organised in a way that leaves you ample space to work.

At RTC Business Park, we specialise in not only helping companies to find the best possible office space to rent in Derby for their business, but also assist in helping businesses to arrange for regular office cleaning, to help your employees maintain a clean, organised, and productive work area. We’ve seen all sorts of offices – large and small and here, with the benefit of our experiences, are a few simple and easy ways to get the most out of your desk space.

Don’t over decorate

There is nothing wrong with adding your own personal touch to your desk, but turning it into a cluttered display of knick-knacks and photo frames can seriously impact the efficiency of your workspace – remember, this is your place of work, not your home. Try limiting the personalisation of your desk to just one or two framed pictures, and maybe a small flower vase if space permits it.

Keep regularly used supplies within arms reach

Keeping office supplies such as pens, pencils, and staplers close at hand allows you to easily access these items when needed. Utilising things like your desk drawers (if you have them) or a desk caddie will reduce clutter and provide a less stressful workspace.

Invest in stacked trays for paper documents

Loosely placed files and paperwork are almost guaranteed to get lost, misplaced, or worse, thrown away. Utilising stacked trays will not only free up desk space but provide an organised system for storing and accessing important work as well. If there’s not much surface space on your desk for trays, then consider investing in some under desk filing cabinets that will free up that much-needed space.

Elevate where possible

Something as simple as placing your monitor on a stand will not only create additional space, (especially those stands that contain a drawer) but it can also raise it to a more ergonomic level. Installing shelves above your desk area will also free up space, as well as having an organised area where things such as binders and reports are conveniently within arm’s reach.

Several studies have revealed that well organised and maintained office spaces are often more productive than ones that are not. Keeping a clean and tidy desk area will not only offer a more comfortable workspace, but a more effective one as well.

If you are looking for office space to rent in the Derby area, contact RTC Business Park.