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What Are the Most Important Facilities For The Modern Workplace?

What Are the Most Important Facilities For The Modern Workplace?

  • 26th February 2020

Whether you are considering a revamp of your existing office space or are looking for a brand new office there are a few very important facilities that every modern workplace needs. If you are looking for a thoroughly modern workplace that has everything your growing company could need then take a look at what we have to offer at RTC business park in Derby.

The right space

The modern office requires plenty of space. Open planning offers a light, bright, and uncluttered office environment which could work well for any company. With an increase in office innovations such as hot-desking and flexible working, it is vital to ensure that your modern office space can adapt to this kind of work pattern. That means that not only do you want suitable desk space that can be adapted to the needs of your employees but also open collaboration spaces that encourage creativity and teamwork. Meeting rooms may still have their place but when it comes to brainstorming sessions, open plan seating areas with comfortable chairs are the perfect place for collaborations that will really produce some great ideas.

The right lighting

Natural light is also really important in any modern workspace so look for offices with plenty of windows that will flood your offices with bright natural light rather than needing to use artificial lighting.  Studies have shown that natural light can help to lift the mood of your employees and this can help to boost productivity. Of course, you will also want to ensure that there are blinds in the windows to help keep direct sunlight off screens at the appropriate times of the day.


Studies have also shown that whilst a less cluttered office space is more conducive to work, the presence of greenery is also an important factor. The modern workplace will ideally have greenery and foliage dotted around so that every employee can see something green from their desk. Outside greenery is, of course, an added bonus.

Other facilities

There are a number of other facilities that every modern workplace needs and these include fantastic parking and of course on-site catering facilities to feed your hungry workers. At RTC business park we are proud to boast all of these facilities and more. All of our modern offices and commercial spaces all benefit from 24-hour on-site security offering peace of mind to you and your employees. Why not book a visit to see what we could offer your thoroughly modern business.