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The Importance of Desk Space in The Office

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The Importance of Desk Space in The Office

  • 14th March 2017

the right desk space for commercial property

Every day, you create and innovate. You ask your staff team, if you have one, to do the same. As a business owner, you will provide the premises in which this innovation and creation takes place. By law, you must provide basic amenities, from clean, drinking water to bathroom facilities.

You also need to provide the right office furniture too. And in most workspaces, the staple of the creation process is the desk.

An invention that has changed but a little over the centuries, the desk is the space where all kinds of things happen. It is the platform at which we sit for many, many hours. It is the space that houses the PC, the phone and many other gadgets and essential components of running a business.

The right desk improves the working environment no end. And here’s why:

It is The Lynchpin of Organisation

Any office space needs to be organised. And yet, so many offices are cluttered, bursting at the seams with unnecessary paraphernalia and ‘stuff’. You may think that all these items are essential, but if they are, why are they stored correctly?

When storage is lacking in a workspace, it is the desk that becomes the place where things are put/stored/dumped. This makes for a messy desk and thus, a cramped space in which to work, innovate and create.

Clear the desk – and the only way to do this is to invest in adequate storage solutions.

It Means your Priorities are in Order

An organised desk means that work priorities are in the right order.

A clear desk means you can ‘see’ what needs to be done – and that can mean placing paperwork, files, documents and the like, in the order in which they need to be dealt with.

If something doesn’t need to be on the desk, it either needs to be filed or stored, or recycled.

It Saves Time

A desk that is appropriate for the work being carried out saves time and effort. Especially a clear desk with an ordered filing system backed up by a fantastic storage system in an office space that is ideal for your business.

It means less time spent looking for a piece of paper around which the whole project revolves, which has been lost – again – under a mountain of useless information and ‘stuff’.

All in all, the right desk, supported by accessible storage solutions and based in the right commercial property in Derby will have a positive impact on your business.

Maybe it’s time you paid more attention to your desk?


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