What To Consider When Relocating Offices

What To Consider When Relocating Offices

  • 21st March 2018

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Just like moving house is a big decision, choosing to relocate your offices shouldn’t be undertaken without planning and careful considerations of the pros and cons of the move. But if you are looking for offices to rent, Derby could turn out to offer just what you were looking for. So what should you consider before making a move?


Businesses thrive when they are well-connected. Often a relocation occurs because the current office space isn’t as well situated as the company demands. RTC business park is less than a mile from Derby Train Station, 9 miles from M1 (and we have generously sized car parks) and 12 miles from the East Midlands international airport.


Another reason you might be considering moving is if your current lease is too high. We have flexible terms and include a whole host of extras in our service charge such as buildings maintenance and insurance; grounds maintenance and 24-hour security, shared reception areas and, unusually, heat and electricity as we can negotiate very competitive prices on a site-wide basis.


Probably the primary reason for needing to relocate is in order to grow your business. If you are looking for somewhere to stretch your wings then RTC can offer a wide range of units. We have office suites starting at 1,200 sq ft, all ready to move into with sound-diminishing carpets, double glazing, cooling systems, communal kitchens and lift access.


Our offices have been renovated to modern standards which gives you the opportunity to arrange your suite the way you need it. With both cellular and open plan suites available you can be sure to be able to find the space you require. Currently, we can also offer unrefurbished space if you want total control on how your offices will look.

Facilities Management

When you make your move there’s a lot to think about. Ensuring your IT infrastructure is in place, alerting customers and suppliers to your new address, making sure that your files and archives are safely transferred.

Having a friendly and helpful facilities management team to welcome you to your new site can make or break a move. If you have any teething difficulties when you’ve moved in, and if you want to invite some guests over to an “office-warming” conference they can help you organise use of one of the conference suites available on-site. Here at RTC, we like to help you get off on the right foot when you move with us.