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Top 5 Reasons to Rent Commercial Property in Derby

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Top 5 Reasons to Rent Commercial Property in Derby

  • 28th June 2018

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Choosing the best location for your business, whether you are just starting out or looking to relocate, is never easy. You need to be assured that the location you have chosen is the best one for your company. One city that you might not have considered is Derby. While it isn’t necessarily a destination that you might actively be considering, it should certainly appear on your list because it is a fantastic location for any business.

Here are our top 5 reasons to rent commercial property in Derby.


Derby is perfectly situated in the heart of England. It is within easy to reach distance of some of the other major cities in the UK, including Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield, and is around 132 miles north of London making it easy to reach by road.


Whilst there is no airport in Derby, the city is serviced by an excellent railway service with fast and frequent trains to and from London. The journey can be completed in a little over one and a half hours and there are two trains per hour. There are also frequent trains to Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield and a huge selection of other destinations. Here at RTC Business park, where there is a wide selection of commercial properties to rent, we are also easily accessible via the M1 Motorway which is just 9 miles away. Remember, accessibility is important, not just for your suppliers but also for your clients too.


Our newly refurbished commercial properties offer a wide range of facilities making them a very versatile option for all types of enterprises. Whether you are looking for a large office space to rent in Derby,  something smaller, or even laboratory space and office space combined then we have everything you could possibly need.


Renting commercial property in Derby, or indeed anywhere, offers you a far more flexibility over renting. Leases do not have to last for several years, in fact at RTC Business Park we offer leases from just 3 months – just another great reason you should be considering Derby.

Thriving Community

Derby is a thriving city with plenty to offer. That means that in addition to the great transport links and superb facilities there is also a great workforce on the doorstop. So whether you are looking to expand or are setting up a new business you should have no problem finding employees.

With all these benefits, why not take a second look at commercial property in the Derby area, and specifically, at what we can offer you here at RTC.