Loram uk ltd

Loram Background

Loram is a global company with a presence in North America, Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, Asia, as well as the Middle East including Saudi Arabia and UAE. The state-of-the-art, high-production maintenance of way equipment that Loram delivers have developed an international reputation for high production, safety, and reliability for over 50 years.
Loram has extensive global experience in:

    • Designing and manufacturing on track machines such as rail grinders, ballast cleaners and material handling equipment
    • Operating and maintaining machines in lease service
    • Testing and studying the production outputs and results
    • Maintenance, overhauls, enhancements and modifications of both Loram and other OEM equipment
    • Listening to its customers’ unique needs and working on a customized solution

Loram has a proud history of working in partnership with its customers to help ensure a substantial return on the investment is realized. Operation, maintenance and overhaul staff are trained to achieve economical and productive results in a routine manner. Loram is confident that the overall experience will be a success for many years to come through realization of higher production and reliable operation of the equipment and services.

Loram Rail Grinding Services

Loram is the global leader in production and specialty rail grinding service, equipment, knowledge, and innovation. Loram personnel continually receive specialized training to ensure maximum rail grinding performance. Loram has been grinding rail since 1969 and currently operates nearly 50 rail grinders throughout the world, while providing 98% machine reliability across the fleet. The experience Loram has gained working with the different standards, specifications, and expectations has allowed Loram to grow its expertise, ability to add dedicated staff to pursue research and development, and reduce cost to the customer for support and innovation activities due to the leverage expense across the global rail grinding market. With machines in 16 countries, Loram has developed the expertise to grind on freight, transit, commuter, and short line railroads and is confident that it can provide similar production and reliability results for SAR.
Trusted Experience and Reliability

While Loram provides superior rail grinding equipment, meeting and exceeding customers’ needs also has a direct correlation to Loram’s employees. Loram’s employees are the heart and soul of Loram’s operational services. Loram has approximately 600 field employees that operate and maintain Loram’s contract services equipment in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and experience in Saudi Arabia. Loram operates and maintains over 100 maintenance of way machines.

Loram’s operations group is committed to producing high quality work and maintaining impeccable safety standards. Loram’s rail grinding personnel have extensive training and experience in:
Operating in extreme environments whether that includes climatic extremes or emergency extremes

    • Understanding the best rail grinding practices and applications for any rail condition, including mill scale removal, corrugation, and surface defects
    • Conducting proper rail inspections prior to grinding to develop the proper grind program and anticipate potential safety risks
    • Utilizing the best rail grinder maintenance practices to ensure high equipment availability, maximizing limited track time

It takes a blend of high performance equipment, the right maintenance practices, knowledgeable personnel, and progressive training and safety practices to produce reliable services. Loram strives for 98% reliability (shift uptime) in all its services, and closely monitors reliability statistics to assess and aggressively address any downtime issues.
Equipment Maintenance

Loram takes pride in that the equipment it operates is well maintained and consistently produces high quality results with minimal machine downtime. The operating crew on the rail grinder will perform maintenance on RGI7 before and after the operating shift. Loram understands which components are critical and how many of those parts need to be on the machine at all times. Loram understands that machine delay affects the customers’ bottom line, so Loram takes great measures to ensure that machines are properly maintained for maximum performance.

The crew may require occasional assistance from a Loram technician with a specialized skill set for periodic repairs, inspection, and maintenance on the grinder’s control systems and measuring equipment. The technician will also test and fine tune the rail grinder in order to achieve optimal performance.

Field Support

Loram maintains a staff of over 50 people dedicated to providing management and technical support to our fleet operation services. Loram’s field support comes in many forms including:

  • Production staff, including operations managers, assistant managers, and machine specialists. Their primary duties include overseeing day-to-day operation of the equipment, as well as serving as the first point of contact for machine and customer support. Assistant managers and machine specialists serve primarily as trainers to ensure machine and crew compliance with company quality, production, maintenance, and safety standards
  • Asset Management group includes Chief Engineer of Rail Quality, technicians, programmers, and analysts. Among this group’s primary functions is studying the cause and effect of grinding rail, studying industry trends, initiating and carrying out tests, studying Loram’s fleet of grinders and the best applications, and compiling best practices as derived from these observations. They also are involved in the planning of grinding programs, pre-inspection of track, determining optimal grind patterns, monitoring machine productivity and quality of grind, checking and performing calibrations as needed and compilation and evaluation of results.
  • Power and controls group, consisting of a staff of 20 highly skilled technical managers and technicians with combined experience of over 100 years with Loram. Job duties include regular travel to equipment to inspect, repair, and technically train the crew. They also provide phone support and online troubleshooting assistance to the crews. They are prepared for emergency field travel to assist in resolving technical needs.
  • Product specialists dedicated to each product line. They study and implement best practices, ensure proper inspections are performed, quality standards are maintained, and also conduct training in these areas. The product specialists average over 20 years of experience in working with Loram equipment.

Engineering Support

Loram also maintains an engineering staff of over 90 people to provide engineering design and product support for the equipment it operates. The staff includes expertise required for all machine functions including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and computer controls. The availability of this in-house expertise improves response time for equipment and failures and is a key component in maintaining reliability.

Research and development investment by Loram has provided Loram with industry leading technology to more effectively manage rail grinding programs. Loram undertakes a holistic approach to R&D to ensure efforts support a scientific approach coupled with real world elements. We utilize various channels to conduct R&D such as partnering with railroads, third party research firms, and in-house R&D.

Loram U.K. Background

Loram UK Ltd specialises in engineering work on railway rolling stock in addition to both operation and aftermarket support of on track equipment throughout Europe and the Middle East. The company is based in Derby, at the heart of the UK rail industry, and possesses modern, well equipped workshops which allow them to offer customers a full range of rolling stock engineering and operational solutions; from routine fleet maintenance to heavy vehicle and component re-engineering projects, all while operating and maintaining dozens of pieces of maintenance equipment across multiple customers throughout the world.

Loram UK offer turnkey solution into the rail UK rail industry predominantly focused on:

  • Locomotive overhaul, maintenance, modifications, enhancements and re-engineering
  • Passenger Rolling stock vehicle exams, refurbishment and paint
  • DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) heavy maintenance
  • Interior refurbishment
  • Rolling Stock vehicle PRM modification
  • MPI Testing and Structural repairs
  • Bogie Overhauls
  • Wheel Slide protection (WSP) installation
  • Accident/Crash damage repair
  • Driver Hire to other operators

Loram U.K. Projects – On Track Machinery

Whilst LUKL has completed hundreds of locomotive, coach and engineering projects to the benefit of the traditional customers in the U.K. rail industry, we have also amassed a quite impressive portfolio of Operational and Maintenance Support projects – all completed to the highest standards. These projects, and more importantly the strong partnerships built with them include:

  • Completion and deployment of three Next-Gen Rail Grinders for both Plain Line and Specialty use for Network Rail
  • Five-year exclusive contract for all maintenance of the Infrastructure Monitoring vehicles used by Network Rail
  • A new, extended agreement with Deutsche Bahn for both Technical Support and Overhaul Management of their two high-production rail grinders
  • Complete overhaul and conversion of a 32-stone rail grinder for preventative use, resulting in the only “turnkey” machine operation as a subcontractor for Network Rail
  • Engineering and installation of over 20 units rail measurement enhancements in Europe and the Middle East including Profile Measurement, Crack Detection, and Corrugation Analyzers
  • Completed overhaul assessment and project planning for a 20-stone grinder in service with Turkish Rail
  • Final assessment and certification of a 16-stone grinder to RTA in Dubai
  • An exclusive and robust technical service agreement and training programme for all plainline grinders on Network Rail