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Laboratory workshop space also available at RTC

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Laboratory workshop space also available at RTC

  • 22nd December 2017

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If your business provides products that need space in order to be able to create, then RTC Business Park could have the perfect solution for you. It can be hard to find appropriate laboratory or workshop space that offers the right facilities as well as a good amount of space in which to work and expand your business. Often, companies who create their own products on site find it next to impossible to find a site where they can run both the creative and the administrative side of the business from. You may find the right office space from which to run the business, take orders and complete paperwork but this is rarely paired with the space to make your products, and the same vice versa.

RTC Business Park can offer the ideal solution to this dilemma with laboratory and workshop space from which you can also run a successful business from.

Facilities available

RTC Business Park offers an impressive 27,000 square foot of laboratory workshops space housed within two neighbouring two-story buildings. This accommodation is similar to the main office space of the park, in such the space you require can be tailored to suit your business. If you simply need space in which you create your product, then we can provide that at very reasonable rates. We can also incorporate a sit-down office layout to accompany your lab or workshop layout so that your entire business can run from the same site. This offers many benefits such as lower costs and increased efficiency as everything is in one place and the admin side of your business can remain in constant contact with the creative and production side of your business.

The laboratory and workshop facilities at RTC are also visited twice daily by the canteen workers who offer a trolley service to supply drinks, sandwiches and confectionary should you miss the two hot meals served daily in the main canteen. The workshop and lab facilities also benefit from a large car park as well as several large storage containers. These storage solutions are ideal for you to store materials and supplies so that your business can run smoothly and efficiently.

Nothing disrupts business quite like a break in the supply chain or a lack of communication; with everything being based at one location in RTC Business Park, you will find that your business runs smoothly and successfully.


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