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Industrial Opportunities with RTC Business Park

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Industrial Opportunities with RTC Business Park

  • 3rd February 2015



If you are looking to find a good space for your industrial business to work in then you would be wise to consider using the popular location of RTC Business Park for your requirements. RTC Business Park is a great place to site your business that is located on London Road in Derby and is currently occupied by a number of prominent businesses like Atkins, the University of Derby, Link Associates and Railway Vehicle Engineering Limited among many others.
Prominent, convenient, affordable

The park has many opportunities for you to enjoy, whatever sort of business you’re in. When it comes to office and industrial units, you’ll find a wealth of benefits when looking to move your business to the park, such as the option to configure your space as needed for your particular industry. Its situation, close to major transport links makes it suitable for manufacturing, warehousing and many other types of business and the refurbished units come in a variety of different sizes.

Convenient Buildings Are Available

The buildings that are available for use at this park include plenty of rail-connected buildings that are suitable for a number of convenient industrial purposes. There are some buildings that are open with pit facilities and many offices that are located within those spots. These areas are designed with open bodies and flooring surface plans to make them as easy to handle with care. You can get all your storage and office needs managed through one of these convenient buildings which enables you to have one site that serves all the purposes of your business.

Mezzanine storage is included in some spaces as well. These floors work wonders for different businesses and whether its the storage space you need or a walkway, these buildings do the job wonderfully. All of these features are organized with care to create buildings that are easy to use and maintain as required.

What Services Will You Get?

Your industrial property comes in many sizes and heights for your business’ requirements. In addition, you can enjoy regular building maintenance services from the owners of the RTC Business Park. Building insurance policies are in place to ensure that you will stay protected against any risks that may come about as a result of damage to the property.

If you have industrial needs for your business, then you need to take a careful look at what RTC Business Park has to offer. The industrial buildings for your business to use can make all the difference when running your business.

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