Features of a Modern Day Office

Features of a Modern Day Office

  • 22nd February 2018


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If you are looking to rent high specification office space in Derby then look no further than RTC. We’ve been a feature of the Derby landscape for more years than we care to remember but that doesn’t mean we’re dinosaurs.

We’ve recently completed huge renovations across our office spaces bringing them right up to the demanding specification that modern-day tenants expect. In addition to all the usual mod-cons such as spacious lift access, kitchen facilities, low power LED lighting, comfort cooling and so on we’ve also paid attention to how modern offices work to offer you unrivalled value for money.

High-Speed WiFi

For the foreseeable future the backbone of your IT system is going to be provided through wiring (and to that end we’ve installed trunking in all our refurbished suites to allow you to keep your computers talking) but we also know that it’s important to be able to keep your mobile devices connected too so we’ve been careful not to do anything that will jeopardise your high-speed WiFi signals.

Open Plan Office

Flexibility is key to modern offices and the open-plan office allows easy reorganisation meaning you can assemble teams and redeploy personnel as contracts demand. The wide floor plates of our buildings allow for seemingly infinite arrangements of desks to suit the type of workers you employ.

Latest Technology

The next revolution in office working is the degree to which modern technology is automating and improving the day to day working life of your staff. We’ve kept this in mind during our refurbishments ensuring that our offices are ready for whatever the next innovation will be.

Breakout Areas

Team working is a hugely important part of the modern office but it can get claustrophobic, especially when a major brainstorming session is in progress. The modern office is full of fluid spaces that can be used on an ad hoc basis to allow individuals or small groups to focus on particular tasks away from the distractions at their desks.

Work-Life Balancing

The evidence is growing that productivity is increased when employee morale is high and the work-life balance is positive. Clean, fresh, well-lit workspaces with short commute times are high on the wishlist of many jaded workers. And at RTC we can offer plenty of park-like gardens to allow your staff to rest and regenerate throughout the day. Why not come and see for yourself?