Why Is Derby The Perfect Location For You And Your Team?

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Why Is Derby The Perfect Location For You And Your Team?

  • 5th September 2017

Derby Business

Choosing the right geographical location to base your business is not just about customers and transport logistics, but about an asset that is far more important: talent. The pool of people you employ, whether that is a small number of people or hundreds, have to be the right people.

To attract and hold on to the right people, you need to entice them with a lucrative employment package and that includes location. But why derby? What does this city have to offer?

City Lifestyle WITHOUT City Prices

Any city is a melting pot of culture and Derby is no different. With a vibrant city life, the compact city of Derby is ideal because it offers the trappings of city life – the cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and more – but without the inflated city prices that we see in other places.


Average house prices in the UK from June 2016 to June 2017 was 10%. In Derby, the leap was not so big, with only a 4.6% increase in house prices and with the average house price in the city topping out at £152,000, you can see how affordable buying and living in the city would be. The return on your investment may not quadruple in months as happens in London, but can you afford to get on the housing ladder in another city.

Schools and Colleges

For employees moving their families, education is top of their list. Here’s the good news: the population of Derby is smaller than the average city and so you won’t be fighting for places in local schools or colleges. There is a range of education establishments in Derby too, the direct result of the city taking steps to welcome big business to its county and city.

Central Location

Travelling out from Derby will be a consideration too, for employees who want to visit family and friends. And again, derby has it all with its central location. Road networks allow quick access to Manchester and Birmingham, as does the rail network. And there is a growing airport too, so hopping off on holiday is not a problem either!

Great Business Premises

And with fantastic commercial property to rent in Derby, as a business, you can create a brilliant working environment for your employees to enjoy. Serviced parks, with ample parking and open green spaces for employees to enjoy, along with a canteen and other facilities will make your business attractive – and that means attracting the best people too! Why not book a visit to come and see what RTC could do for your business?