Benefits Onsite Catering has on Employees

Benefits Onsite Catering has on Employees

  • 21st July 2019

An army, or so the saying goes, marches on its stomach. Keeping troops well-fed is key to success in any military campaign and although you may think that this doesn’t apply directly to your workforce, ensuring that they have adequate facilities to access during their working day is – and that means looking at the benefits of onsite catering for your employees.

Employee well-being

As part of your commitment to your employees, looking after their physical and emotional health at work is part and parcel of what modern-day employers should deliver. The forward-thinking, skilled employee has expectations that their employer will do all they can to ‘look after them’.

With onsite catering within your office space, your employees will have access to healthy, nutritious food. And that can only be a good thing.

Encourages breaks and lunchtimes

The temptation is that when work is piling up on the desk and clients are pressuring for their work to be delivered, that employees ‘work through’ their breaks and lunch. Whilst doing this on rare occasions might be acceptable, in the long term it leads to employee burnout and other issues.

An onsite canteen encourages employees to take the breaks and lunchtimes that they are entitled to.

Encourages social interaction between staff and other office space users

The workplace is by its definition a social space. When employees mix and mingle on a social basis, a more productive and happy atmosphere is created in the workplace.

An onsite canteen encourages people to take their breaks as well as sit and chat with others. It can give employees a chance to get to know their colleagues on a more personal level. Essentially, this extends their tolerance and understanding of each other.

Having a chance to chat away from the office is ideal in so many ways.

Forms part of an attractive employee package

Today’s modern employee is not attracted by salary alone but the other benefits on offer. A modern, air-conditioned workplace with strong public transport links and plenty of parking space makes for a pleasant working environment.

An onsite canteen solves the daily dash to the local corner shop or café for a sandwich or something similar. The hour lunch break they get is all theirs and with prices at rock bottom too, the delicious menu on offer is perfect for attracting skilled people to work for your company.