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Can Your Office Space Impact the Productivity of Your Workers?

Can Your Office Space Impact the Productivity of Your Workers?

  • September 12, 2020

It’s safe to say that productivity has been hit in most business this year, with employees not quite living up to their usual potential as the struggled to readjust to the reality of working from home. However, with offices now slowly but surely opening back up again all over the country, some semblance of normality can now resume.

Along with the return to the office, (hopefully) comes the question of how to boost morale and improve productivity. We all know that productivity comes in peaks and dips rather than as a constant, but anything you can do to positively impact overall productivity will be a bonus for your business!
With that in mind, let’s take a look at how the office space you choose can affect your employees.

Food and Drink Facilities
One of the areas where most office spaces fall short is food and drink facilities. Without these, employees are left seeking outside solutions to both, something which can take up more of their time, and affect their overall productivity. To counter this, here at RTC Business Park we offer not only an onsite canteen but also a trolley service, ensuring that your employees always have plenty of food and drink options without having to leave the site. This allows them more time to have a relaxing break and recharge their energy levels before turning their attention back to the work at hand.

Bringing the Outdoors In
Nature and greenery have always had a part to play in the general wellbeing of individuals and, in a work environment, can be transformative when it comes to boosting productivity. Choosing an office with plenty of green spaces and options to add plants indoors can do wonders for your workers. Several different studies have proven that these changes can both help to increase attention in individuals, reduce general fatigue, and contribute to lowering instances of sick days and absences from work.
With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that green spaces are often one of the major benefits listed by office space providers, and is one the main features of the campus here at RTC Business Park.

Shining a Light on Productivity
Lighting in an office is so about so much more than simply brightening up the physical space. The majority of worker’s lives being spent indoors; it is important that your office lighting boosts their productivity rather than hindering it. Although super-bright lighting has been a staple of offices for decades, if you want to make your employees more content and more productive, the key is to find lighting that will most closely resemble natural daylight.