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Tips To Ensure Your Business Has A Professional Image

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Tips To Ensure Your Business Has A Professional Image

  • May 3, 2016

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Nowadays, brand image is critical for all businesses. It has always played a vital role, but with competition getting fiercer by the day, brand identity is becoming increasingly important. For small businesses, in particular, giving off a professional image can be a bit more challenging, especially when you are just starting out. But, there is no need to fret, as we have some top tips to help you get started below.

Choose prestigious office space in Derby

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you choose your office space to rent in Derby with a considerable amount of care. There are many offices to rent in Derby, but you need to select one that is in a prime location and thus has a prestigious address. This will do wonders for your brand identity; not only in terms of those who visit your premises but also when you send letters or give out business cards. One thing you can be sure of is that being based at RTC Business Park is bound to have a positive reflection on your reputation.

Ensure your online presence is on point

The next aspect to consider is your online presence. This includes everything from your website to your social media accounts. Let’s begin with your website. Does it have a sleek and sophisticated design that represents your company well? Is there a clear call to action? Is navigation easy? Is load time quick? These are all aspects that are going to have an influence on how viewers see your brand. You also need to ensure you are marketing effectively, with search engine optimisation being particularly important, as this will ensure you feature high up on the result pages of Google, Bing, and such like, which makes your business appear more reputable. If you don’t have a presence on suitable social media channels, you will also be missing out on a big opportunity to enhance your brand identity.

Handle calls in a professional manner

Last but not least, how you and your employees answer the telephone can have a huge reflection on your business. This is the first impression people will get when they communicate with your company, and thus you must make sure it is a good one. Employees need to be trained in answering calls and you need to have an efficient phone system in place.